Oi is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, it works with cell phones, landlines, internet and TV and has more than 75 million customers.


With more than 75 million customers, Oi has thousands of records, such as collections, service requests and marketing promotions. However, the great challenge was to unify all this information, allowing a unique view of the truth, after all, they were totally separate.


The use of the Tableau tool provided by QADS.


Creation of a database that allows a unique view of sales, shares, net adds and all the behavior of the sales area. Data that previously required two hours to be analyzed, now needs only 15 minutes. Furthermore, responses that took days or weeks to be answered started to be answered at the same time, with just one click in the tool.

Tableau made it possible for everyone to look at the same results, reducing conflicts within the company. Publishing the data source within Tableau gives you the freedom for people to have self-service BI, but they keep looking for the same results. Then, they can explore, ensuring that the information will always be there, with the same results.