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Qintess announces startups acceleration program

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01 de July de 2020

Qintess Ignite Startups

In order to take innovation to companies of all sizes and fields, Qintess, one of Brazil’s and Latin America’s main technology solution providers, announces the release of Qintess Ignite StartupS, an acceleration program that will invest in new business generations in its ecosystem or customer, shareholders and partners. Qintess Ignite StartupS will offer full support to participants, with access to mentoring sessions, support with expert technological development, resilient infrastructures, coworking for solution co-creation, and also a workspace within Qintess’ new head office in São Paulo. 

“The search for innovation is in our DNA and there is no better way to find what will make a difference in the market than valuing those willing to rethink the existing models”, says Nana Baffour, Qintess Chairman, CEO and Chief Culture Officer. “Qintess Ignite StartupS is a two-way platform that is very significant to us. On one hand, it will help us to have a better view on digital solutions to transform and help customers, employees and society as a whole. On the other, it will give us the chance to build an increasingly sustainable innovation ecosystem in Brazil. Open Innovation in practice.”

Open to startups with solutions in 6 initial segments and markets (Digital Finance e Financial Retail, Digital Retail e CPG, Digital Marketing, Digital Insurance and Digital Government), the program will ensure full startup acceleration. “Our goal is enabling the improvement of business available to each one. In this program, participants will have access to the knowledge and experience of our experienced mentor team, and also to our global investment fund ecosystem”, says Breno Barros, the company’s Innovation & Marketing Vice-President for Brazil and Latin America.

The executive also highlights that Qintess Ignite StartupS will simplify startup access to a high-performance professional environment, with around 3,500 employees, expanding its productivity and efficiency. “Let’s assess the actual need and current state of the market as well as scalability, integration capacity, economic feasibility and internationalization, among others, as initial factors. The most important ones can then be integrated into our invested company ecosystem.”  

The program’s unique feature is the participants’ integration into Qintess’ operation routine. The company will provide coworking space to reinforce team collaboration, fostering joint technology development. “Moreover, Qintess Ignite StartupS will be part of the Open Innovation ecosystem, alongside the ideas that arise from our employees – Qintess Labs – that already are in place at Qintess”, explains Barros. The expectation is to value the business view and the possibility of integration between innovation initiatives. Furthermore, this action also intends to support the company’s portfolio expansion in order to highlight new business diversity. “We are anxious to gather ideas and solutions that enable us to offer technology’s best to our customers, our employees, our shareholders and society as a whole”, says the executive. “Our commitment is to being a full innovation provider, prepared for the reality of these new times”, he says.

The startups interested in participating in the program must follow a selection process. They must fill in application forms available at the following link by July 17th, 2020. On the website, the interested parties can also find more information on the program and the technical and organizational requirements for participation. 


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